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Are you searching for an Outstanding eCommerce website development company in Bangladesh? Are you bored with traditional business? Do you want to run your business online? Then definitely you are at the right place. Because BCI Technosis is one of the best eCommerce website development companies in Bangladesh. We are right here to develop an expert eCommerce website for your business.

The Team of BCI Technosis is highly experienced in developing an eCommerce website for our clients across the globe. Whatever the size of your business, BCI Technologies can provide you with a full spectrum of services to develop and manage our clients’ eCommerce websites.

Our proven experience enables us to tackle all aspects of an eCommerce website so that you can reach your customers from all parts of the world. So that’s why BCI Technosis is a very good eCommerce development company in Bangladesh.

You need an easy-to-manage system that doesn’t require you to be a techie, and most importantly, you need a reliable and fast website that is there when your customers need it. A professional, easy-to-use, and well-maintained eCommerce website from BCI Technology is the key to building a successful online business.

Why is Ecommerce Development Essential for Business? 

Nowadays, eCommerce development is essential for business because, Faced with such a huge demand from consumers, it is no wonder that retailers are moving rapidly to develop and enhance their online offerings. The growth rate of eCommerce sales between 2019-2024 is expected to increase to around 900% compared to physical stores. Before the pandemic, most retailers planned to invest in sophisticated AI and IoT technologies. And similarly, to take your business online, e-commerce website development will be required.

An online store is available auto 24*7 throughout the day, which means your customers can visit your store at all times, irrespective of their schedule. These days people don’t always have time to go shopping. Instead, more and more people choose to shop online to find those items.

You shouldn’t have to appeal to a wide range of customers looking for a convenient and flexible experience that they need or if your business can offer it to your customers. And for this reason, e-commerce development has become very important for business. So BCI Technosis is the best eCommerce development company in Bangladesh.

Due to the accessibility of the Internet, millions of people around the world can visit your website at any given time, which means people who want to expand their business and reach a larger audience for whom BCI Technosis Ecommerce Development Website builds.

And compared to the number of people you can reach through a website through a high street store or local advertising, there’s no reason why you should grow your business if you want to improve your reach. Do not consider going online. So if you need e-commerce website development, then BCI Technology can help you.

eCommerce Development Company

E-commerce has been trending in the business scenario worldwide for quite some time now in Bangladesh as well, and Bangladesh has been no exception. But the trend has been gaining more momentum in the country in recent days, mainly due to the pandemic bringing physical markets to a halt. From the appears of it, it is protected to say that the trend is right here to stay.

Bangladesh has so far seen a very promising outcome concerning its thriving e-commerce sector and its massive participation in it. People have duly realized the efficiency of online shopping and digital transactions, which only expands the boundaries of our playgrounds. And we are extremely excited about such a future. We expect the e-commerce industry to move into the maturity stage within the next five years. And in the same way, the commerce sector is increasing in Bangladesh.

The future of e-commerce is certainly very exciting, to say the least. There is great potential, especially in emerging markets like ours. Every business field is entering the online world to reach new audiences. And the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh is growing even more rapidly because BCI Technosis provides the best eCommerce development services in Bangladesh. 

In fact, it is estimated that around 3 billion more shoppers from developing countries will come online within the next year. And e-commerce in Bangladesh is set to reach new heights, gradually bridging the gap between retail brick-and-mortar stores and leveraging smartphones and other devices for digital shopping.

Multi-vendor eCommerce Development

A multi-vendor eCommerce development is an eCommerce store with multiple vendors selling their eCommerce development services. BCI Technosis is a very big eCommerce development multivendor.

A multi-vendor eCommerce development marketplace is a website that hosts multiple sellers on its website and provides different sellers’ online selling and eCommerce development opportunities on a single platform. The website owner only manages the website and allows third-party vendors to sell their e-commerce development services online. BCI Technosis provides Ecommerce Development Services and is also an eCommerce Development Multivendor.

In this model, the e-commerce development marketplace operator connects buyers and third-party sellers and receives a commission in return. This enables other eCommerce stores to get more exposure for their products from the marketplace, while the market owner manages the customer experience. And among them, BCI Technosys is an e-commerce development vendor.

Our eCommerce Services

We are the Best Ecommerce Development Service Provider, Our company BCI Technosis is No. 1 in Bangladesh in providing Ecommerce Development Services. We provide almost all the services of e-commerce. Opening an eCommerce shop is tougher than ever. With eCommerce experience, we deliver world-class eCommerce Development Services. With more brands to choose from than ever before, it’s tough to stand out in a crowded eCommerce landscape.

BCI Technologies help you build and optimize your advertising and marketing efforts to grow your operations while generating a web eCommerce. We have profitably helped large and small-scale businesses with their eCommerce operations, from small skincare lines to international intimate apparel companies. And like this, BCI Technosis Ecommerce Development will continue to help everyone. The e-commerce solutions we provide are detailed below.

  • Custom ECommerce Design
  • E-Commerce Marketplace Development 
  • E-Commerce App Development
  • Customization E-Commerce Store
  • Plugin and Module Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shopping Cart Development
  • Responsive eCommerce Development
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Custom ECommerce Design 

Do you need help with your eCommerce web design project? So we can help you grow as we help online businesses grow with eCommerce website design services designed to increase online sales.

Our company BCI Technosis Provides the best completely custom eCommerce website development and eCommerce designing. In addition, our company provides proven eCommerce SEO and search marketing services. BCI Technosis provides the best services in Bangladesh, such as custom functionality, programming, and integration capabilities.

  • E-Commerce Marketplace Development 

A platform that connects buyers and sellers at one place is called a marketplace. Traditional eCommerce stores only have shop owners and customers. And in this, BCI Technosis is the largest e-commerce marketplace development in Bangladesh.

Online selling helps plot a vast sales game plan. It helps retailers or suppliers establish a continuous relationship with their customers to provide them with a seamless shopping experience from anywhere, including the web, e-commerce, and mobile. To be.

BCI Technosys provides end-to-end eCommerce marketplace development and can help you get everything in one place to build your eCommerce store at a glance. BCI Technosis expertise in the eCommerce industry with over 11 years of experience.

  • E-Commerce App Development 

BCI Technosis, as the best E-commerce mobile app development company, creates powerful on-demand best E-commerce applications to organize your business. Our e-commerce app development services are extraordinarily and reliable also of world-class quality. We create the best mobile apps ever to support your online business with a team of experts.

E-commerce mobile apps have become an important means of selling. They are helping businesses expand their reach and connect with customers worldwide. So the demand for e-commerce app development is quite high in today’s world. BCI Technosis provides the best e-commerce app development services in Bangladesh. 

  • Customization E-Commerce Store 

Ecommerce is transforming the retail experience and products purchased in-store. While conducting our in-store retail experience research, we noticed a trend toward product customization, which has huge implications for brands in retail. BCI Technosis provides the Best eCommerce Customization Store.

Advances in digital and manufacturing technology are now enabling brands to offer customers the ability to personalize or customize items online or in-store and then take their delivery quickly.

The advantage of a customization eCommerce store is that it further strengthens the user experience for the customer by inviting them to be a participant in the product creation process. Better user experience, better opportunities for conversion. BCI Technosis Provides Best Customization E-Commerce Store Services.

  • Plugin and Module Development

Plugins are applications of code that prolong the core performance of WordPress. WordPress plugins are made up of PHP code and can consist of different properties such as images, CSS and JavaScript. By creating your own plugin, you extend WordPress, i.e., build additional functionality on top of WordPress’s offers. BCI Technosys provides the best WordPress plugins. 

Image for plugin and module development In result computing, a plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When an application helps plug-ins, it permits customization. We have the best Plugin and Module for eCommerce Development. 

  • Payment Gateway Integration

Most merchants who accept online payments opt for payment gateway integration. A payment gateway is a device that approves retailers to accept online payments.  And our company BCI Technosis provides the best payment gateway integration for eCommerce development. 

BCI Technology’s Payment gateway connects your website and the payment provider/card network. It authorizes and processes online payments.

  • Shopping Cart Development 

Online shopping is a growing trend and will continue to grow shortly. But, how will your online store differ from your competitors? What will your visitors turn into customers? An impressive design, easy navigation, and search, security of customer data and financial information are some of the key factors in the success of an eCommerce store. Our company BCI Technosis provides world-class e-commerce shopping cart development.

Our company BCI Technosys’ eCommerce shopping cart development expertise spans a range of industries, including fashion and apparel, healthcare, logistics, marketplace solutions, consumer electronics, and accessories. We Provide Development Of Best eCommerce Shopping.

  • Responsive eCommerce Development

BCI Technosys A Complete Suite of SEO and Mobile-Responsive eCommerce Solutions That Deliver a World-Class Shopping Experience Leverage our technological excellence and multi-domain experience in eCommerce web development services to help expand your reach, engage your audience, and Build attractive apps and websites that optimize conversions.

We build buyer-friendly web and responsive mobile apps that align with your brand values, aid your financial goals and ensure high business ROI.

  • Maintenance & Support 

Daily maintenance of an eCommerce store can be cumbersome and costly; Taking you away from managing your own business. Creating an online store is just the beginning of the online world. It is essential to usually update product availability, description, pricing, and delivery methods. And our company BCI Technosis provides the maintenance and support of e-commerce development.

Significant platform updates are also required to ensure your online store’s long shelf life, optimal security, and loading speed. Because older eCommerce stores offer false information or run on unsafe versions, your online sales and digital brand will be negatively affected. That’s why we keep on doing e-commerce maintenance from time to time.

Why BCI Technosys Limited is the Best Ecommerce Development Company in Bangladesh

BCI Technosis Limited is Bangladesh’s most trusted e-commerce website development company where one can have the best SEO-friendly web design service at a reliable cost. We are here to help our valued customers reach their online business goals. We work for your eCommerce business to help you increase your sales by increasing your leads, increasing traffic, and so on. Overall the growth of your business will gradually increase day by day. 

Our Company BCI Technosis is one of Bangladesh’s best eCommerce development companies because we provide awesome services, customized and on-demand eCommerce websites, and responsive eCommerce website development services. We have an experienced team for e-commerce development, And also we are a leader in our field of eCommerce development services. So we are the number one in Bangladesh. 

BCI Technosis fosters a group of well-grounded eCommerce developers, engineers, critters, and experts, such as what makes us the premier. We know how to design and build a great online eCommerce website for your business. So we are the best eCommerce development company in Bangladesh. 


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